Jan 26 2013

Racing Up Manhasset Hill During the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race

One of the most exciting locations to watch the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race was Manhasset Hill (Spinney Hill) located  now at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and East Shore Road/Community Drive.


Howard Kroplick

1906 was the only time the Vanderbilt Cup Race ran through Manhasset Valley. In 1906 this was the main street of Manhasset.

This part of the course was challenging due to the two curves and the beginning of the ascent of Manhasset Hill (Spinney Hill).

Stores lined both sides of the street including Henry Schneider's Store and a blacksmith shop.

A crowd of spectators on Manhasset Hill watching the race. Courtesy of Wittmer Collection, Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society)

A view looking west. Henry Schneider's store is in the background.

Two other views of Schneider's Store.

The automobile trade journals reported the dangers associated with Manhasset Hill.

Albert Clement driving his father Clement-Bayard. This was the view from Schneider's Store looking east.

The eventual winner Louis Wagner driving the #10 Darracq.

Albert Clement again.

Vincenzo Lancia in the #4 Fiat.The blacksmith shop is on the right. Note the telephone posters advertising the skills of dentist "Painless Parker".

American favorite Joe Tracy driving the #9 Locomobile. This car would win the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race as "Old 16".

The billboard to the left of the Locomobile was advertising Goodrich and Continental tires.

A Bing Map "bird's eye" view of the Manhasset Hill intersection today.


Jan 27 2013 Joseph 8:30 AM

Howard, The article on the Eagle Rock Hill Climb will be out in a month on the VSC Bulletin. As soon as it’s out we can put it on your website if you like. I got many other photos from Joe Fagan who is the historian for West Orange. Let me know how you want to do this.

Jan 27 2013 Elsa Nystrom 11:14 AM

Was Wagner’s winning Darracq the “Bluebird,” that Joan Newton Cuneo later got to drive?

Jan 29 2013 Howard Kroplick 6:23 PM

Elsa, I will need to research that possibility.

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