Jun 27 2017

Renovations to the Wheatley Hills Golf Club Uncover the Motor Parkway in East Williston

A special invitation from Andrew Carr, a member of the Wheatley Hills Golf Club in East Williston, provided me with a wonderful opportunity to pursue two of my many passions- golf and the Motor Parkway.

Andrew, thanks for a great day!


Howard Kroplick

This 1928 aerial shows the location of the newly uncovered Motor Parkway at Wheatley Hills Gof Club as a result of renovations to the course and their cart paths.

The 3-foot concrete extensions can now be seen on both sides of the Motor Parkway used as the cart path near Hole #4. The view is looking east.

Motor Parkway asphalt is still visible.

The future location of a new Motor Parkway historical marker that will be installed by the club.

Looking west from Hole #6. The curve was originally banked.

It was a beautiful day to play golf and explore my favorite parkway!


Jun 28 2017 Brian D McCarthy 10:50 PM

I remember this section of the original LIMP while performing Transmission patrols for Lilco/National Grid/Lipa, Howard. It appears they want to make the now Golf path wider, and exposing the full width of the parkway. I guess they’ll continue further west, but then the path curves south; deviating from the LIMP eventually. I recall the ground level W/O the exposed LIMP rising, with wood chips etc. All good stuff.

Jun 29 2017 Dave Russo 1:19 PM

Excellent post. Someone told me about this location after the post detailing the LIMP remnants east of Roslyn Rd. This location was on the list (very small list) of remaining spots to investigate in hopes of uncovering more LIMP locations.

Is the club going to pave over this? Or leave it as is?

Howard Kroplick

Dave, the club is leaving this area as is and will honor the Motor Parkway with a new historic marker.

Jun 29 2017 Dave Russo 10:27 PM

Wow that’s cool. Unheard of that a private golf club like this would honor history like this. The club deserves credit for this.

Jul 02 2017 Paul DiNatale 12:37 AM

i remember in the 60’s going on it with my bicycle starting on lakeville road, cutting through great neck high I ended up riding on the old motor parkway that LILCO put their power lines on.  It ran through people’s backyards (occasionally people blocked it with cyclone fences with gates forcing me to lift the bike over the fences or open gates)and eventually i ended up at the golf course .  i remember the road ended at Hillside Ave.

Jul 11 2017 Bertram Cabot Jr. 1:59 PM

I lived off of IU Willets/Shelter Rock Rd and Old Motor was intact and behind Hamilton Park, Manhasset Hills and Links Golf Course…....we smoked alot of weed there

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