Nov 15 2017

Rita and Jerry Trapani Honored as Recipients of The 2017 Gil Bergen Preservationist Award

Kudos to Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society members Jerry and Rita Trapani for receiving the 2017 Friends of Connetquot Preservationist Award.


Howard Kroplick

Rita and Jerry Trapani


Nov 19 2017 Fred & Marie Miceli 11:40 AM

Congratulations to my friends Rita & Jerry Trapani.

Fred Miceli
A Former President Long Island Dreamboats Cadillac & LaSalle Car Club.

Nov 19 2017 JeRita 7:17 PM

Thank you Howard for sharing this on your wonderful site. You are an inspiration to us to always look forward while keeping an eye on our past. Rita and Jerry JeRita [like Brangelina only better]

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