Nov 05 2019

Sam Berliner III: A 1970 Walking Tour of the Motor Parkway in Queens

Sam Berliner III continues to restore his amazing Motor Parkway website. A highlight of his restored LIMP History Page is a set of  Queens Motor Parkway photos taken by J.J. Conroy of Sea Cliff around1970.

The locations were documented by Motor Parkway expert Robert Miller.


Howard Kroplick

199th Street to the 73rd Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge

Then: 73rd Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge looking east. Francis Lewis Boulevard can be seen in the background.

Now: 73rd Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge.

East of Francis Lewis Boulevard to the Clearview Expressway

East of Clearview Expressway to Hollis Court Boulevard (now Hollis Hills Terrace).

Note the concrete posts on both sides of the road.

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Then: Hollis Hills Terrace Motor Parkway Bridge.

Now: Hollis Hills Terrance Motor Parkway Bridge.

Springfield Boulevard to the Alley Pond Bridal Bridge

Likely the entrance/exit ramps off Springfield Boulevard

Looking west toward the Springfield Boulevard Motor Parkway Bridge. Entrance/Exit ramps can be seen on left and right of the road. Location for the Rocky Hill Lodge.

Then: Alley Pond Bridepath Bridge (Built by Robert Moses)

Looking west above the bridge.

Today: Sammy at the bridge.

West of Winchester Boulevard

Wheeler Farmway Bridge #2 at Alley Pond was later brick-faced by Robert Moses.

Now: Wheeler Farmway Bridge #2


Nov 06 2019 Brian D McCarthy 8:12 AM

These images are excellent! More than glad Mr. Conroy offered his research to you, Sam III. He knew this fell in good hands. Note - the ‘today’ comparison image of Wheeler Bridge #2 is LIMP view west to Springfield Blvd.

Nov 06 2019 Art Kleiner 12:08 PM

Thanks for sharing!  Always good to get a refresh.

Nov 06 2019 frank femenias 5:40 PM

WOW! There were so many more posts back then. Almost all (if not all) were still standing in their original place, 32 years after closing. Fantastic post(s), Howard

Nov 10 2019 S. Berliner, III 12:01 PM

Your carrying forward of the Conroy images omitted my comment (or Bob’s?) that you could still see the old painted center line on some of the pix.  Frank, I won’t fence with you - that’s a fantastic pun.  Sam, III

Howard Kroplick

Sam III, thanks for sharing the photos and correcting the copy.

Howard I

Nov 11 2019 LMK 8:39 PM

Enjoyed these images…Thanks for posting them…

Nov 16 2019 Paul Randazzo 10:41 PM

Wow a blast from the past. That’s my old neighborhood (Queens Village).  We used to ride our bikes on that network of VMP through Alley Pond and Cunningham parks onto streets over the Clearview Expy. onto VMP onto streets and end up at the Worlds Fair grounds back in the late 60’s (I was like 11-12 years old). I remember the old entrance and exit onto the Grand Central Parkway from Springfield Blvd. and the bridle path when we used to visit my relatives in Brooklyn (oh the Interborough).  Thanks guys!!

Nov 17 2019 S. Berliner, III 11:39 AM

Many of my missing 2,200 images are LIMP-oriented.  Gotta get busy and extract them from old hard drives and JAZ cartridges (*IF* I can).  Pray for me.  Sam, III

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