Apr 23 2019

Sam & Dave’s “Excellent 2019 Vanderbilt Day”-  #4 Albertson

Our favorite Motor Parkway father and son team Dave and Sammy Russo journeyed once again on their bikes to explore our favorite parkway from Lake Success to Melville. In the fourth post of the series, Sammy and Dave explored the Albertson section of the Motor Parkway.
The Russo father/son series helps to document the current condition of the Motor Parkway, while uncovering several new surprises.
 Howard Kroplick

2019 Vanderbilt Day  
 March 30, 2019
 Dave Russo :
 So we did it yesterday. After a one year hiatus, Sam and I resumed our annual Vanderbilt Day tradition.
 What better starting point than the Deepdale Mansion  in Lake Success, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.'s  residence in the early 1900s. The home is still standing, just steps off of the Motor Parkway.  I'm sure not by coincidence.
  Moving west to east as always, we traveled 18 miles by bike from Lake Success to the Maxess Road Bridge in Melville We had a great time!

East of Searingtown Road we come to the house on Sigsbee Ave that has the LIMP in the backyard -- amazingly, and not for much longer I believe..

As you can see there is work going on at this location now, hard to believe this will survive.

None of this was here last time

Concrete extension piece in backyard just south of this house.

Looking east to west -- you can see concrete ext piece to your left.

Looking east right next to the end of this Sigsbee Ave LIMP -- this is the ROW continued.

Looking at the backyard just west of the Sigsbee Ave house - fragments remain.


Apr 24 2019 Brian D McCarthy 4:47 PM

The rear property of the brick house looks to be elevated, then sloping down to the flat LIMP ROW on the past images, too. The additional dirt mound where Sam is had to come from somewhere. Maybe the house foundation is being expanded? Probably just spread the dirt down towards the LIMP.

Apr 26 2019 Dave Russo 10:11 AM

Look at the pics from two years ago. I don’t know what they are doing here, but it seems inevitable that this stretch of LIMP is on it’s last leg.

image image
Apr 28 2019 PAUL DINATALE 3:33 AM

the govts. on long island only want to get more tax revenue as possible by allowing all the building of houses especially on the old motor parkway route.  i laughed when the proposed “greenway” trail was talked about around 2010.  Follow the money.  i blame it all on our greedy tax and spend local and county government.  They don’t care about overbuilding and the historical (greenway) motorparkway that could be in the planned developments for the people of long island.

Apr 28 2019 S. Berliner, III 11:40 AM

To second Paul’s comment, when I moved to Mineola ca. 1960, I used to bike the LIMP between Searingtown and Roslyn Roads (lotsa glass - lotsa punctures) and was deeply distressed when the house on the west side of Collins (actually 178 Wentworth, I theenk) was plonked down right on the RoW.  Wonder where my pix are?  Sam, III

Apr 28 2019 Casey DeNicola 2:00 PM

In 1959 my family moved to a new house in Manhasset Hills.The development was built by the Scarpinatto Bros. My father,James DeNicola did the site work and excavating.Our house was on Lords way.The development was between Old Courthouse Rd. and the Old Motor Pkwy.I was 11 at the time.Lords way was 1 block south of the LIMP.Walked it many times,didn’t realize its significance then! The Links development on Shelter Rock Rd. was a golf course back then.Across Shelter Rock was Harkness Boy Scout Camp,what a wonderful place to grow up!

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