Sep 21 2019

Sam & Dave’s “Excellent 2019 Vanderbilt Day”- #12 Bethpage #3

In the 12th post of the series, the father and son team of Sammy and Dave Russo explore the section of the Motor Parkway in Bethpage State Park and the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.
Howard Kroplick

 2019 Vanderbilt Day   
        March 30, 2019
      Dave Russo :
      So we did it yesterday. After a one year hiatus, Sam and I resumed our annual Vanderbilt Day tradition.
      What better starting point than the Deepdale Mansion  in Lake Success, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.'s  residence in the early 1900s. The home is still standing, just steps off of the Motor Parkway.  I'm sure not by coincidence.
       Moving west to east as always, we traveled 18 miles by bike from Lake Success to the Maxess Road Bridge in Melville We had a great time!

We have entered Bethpage State Park

LIMP sections are no longer being maintained - they get worse every year

History next to the bike path

 The occasional post in Bethpage Park

We forwarded ahead (skipped the location behind the church on Round Swamp Rd) and climbed up the former bridge location - great location of original LIMP

Wall remains in tact

Great stretch - tons of posts on both sides - no question Bethpage has the most posts of any town remaining

We have entered the Old Bethpage Restoration Village - LIMP near the bridge looking west

 Looking east - towards bridge

Approaching the bridge

The second LIMP bridge that still stands in Nassau County - I get goose bumps every time I come to this location

The wall on the left is not in the best shape, that strip is going to come down soon

Date stamp in great shape

Photo of bridge from the south side looking north

Ok Sammy - we know how you get in there!


Sep 22 2019 frank femenias 10:59 AM

Great photos Sam and Dave. Never visited this site personally. Thanks everyone for bringing it back to life!

Sep 22 2019 LMK 12:29 PM

As always, thanks for the effort and time needed to assemble these images and for sharing them with the rest of us….

Sep 22 2019 S. Berliner, III 2:41 PM

That abutment buckling is a G-D CRIME!  The bridge area on 24 Sep 1999 is shown in great detail on my LIMP page 2 at <>.  Two shots from Jun 2004 showing both sides of the bridge are attached; far more on my OBVR page, <>, which, somehow, never got reposted; I’ll get right on it (now!).  Thanks as always, Dave and that fence-straddling kid with the strange name.  Sam, III

image image
Sep 22 2019 S. Berliner, III 5:01 PM

Ta, ra!  It was a tough fight, Mom, but I got the entire 2004 OBVR page up, with a whole slew of old pix: <>.  Enjoy it!  Sam, III

Sep 22 2019 Brian D McCarthy 9:58 PM

Excellent images guys. Your becoming quite the photographer, Dave. There always seems to be a downed tree or 2 on that original pkwy section in BSP. Likely not a priority task for park employees to clear away. Witnessed quite a few trees down behind Madonna Heights, need a small army for over there : ) Battle Row section gives one the ‘real feel’ of the LIMP. Still looks nice & clear at the bridge, despite the deterioration.

Sep 23 2019 Dave Russo 8:41 PM

Frank, I truly can’t believe you haven’t come to this location yet. You have to get here this year!

Brian, you are correct. I love the zone from round swamp rd really to the bridge. It’s a throw back. I want to investigate the section just over spagnoli rd, north of the fence and then east towards the farm. There has to be some remnants.

SBIII, stop drinking so much will you???

Sep 26 2019 Paul Randazzo 7:07 PM

Same place. Photo taken February 24, 2019. In various other places in Old Bethpage Village Restoration there are concrete posts with the steel spiral ribbon threaded through them.

image image
Sep 28 2019 Michael Browne 12:53 AM

Hello, I’m new here. I’ve had great interest in the LIMP recently and because I live in Farmingdale, this is not too far from me. I’ve been using google street view to look at the surrounding areas, but it looks fenced off. Does visiting this location require trespassing onto private property, or am I missing something? Any response appreciated, thank you.

Howard Kroplick
Welcome to!
Where exactly are you in Farmingdale?

This interactive map may help:,-73.56535213626057&z=10&mid=1396j0_672hYkvbcNFJInbc1mXNJspD9f

Sep 28 2019 Paul Randazzo 10:19 PM

No not at all. It’s located off a trail in the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.  If you can find out how to PM I can give you more info

Sep 28 2019 S. Berliner, III 11:18 PM

Welcome to the club, Michael.  If you look at my above-noted page (, you’ll see a sketch map roughly depicting the area in green.  Yes, the area, OBVR (Old Bethpage Village Restoration), where the bridge is located, is fenced in, but it is a Nassau County public park; normal entry is through a well-marked, landscaped entrance (see attached) on the east side of Round Swamp Road, roughly half way between the LI Expressway and Spagnoli Road.  There is an admission fee (well worth it!).  Have a ball!  Sam, III

Sep 29 2019 frank femenias 11:49 PM

Great photos of OBVR on your site Sam. Thanks!

Sep 30 2019 S. Berliner, III 1:51 PM

Thank YOU, Frank; you’re very welcome.  Many of the 2,200 missing images on my site are old LIMP pix; if I ever manage to extract them from old hard drives and JAZ cartridges, we’ll have a field day!  Sam, III

Oct 01 2019 frank femenias 11:40 AM

I enjoy viewing the images of the OBVR bridge over the years. Amazing clean up work by the LIMPPS back in 2011!

Oct 03 2019 Dave Russo 11:21 AM

Hey Frank, you know what’s even better then seeing pictures of this bridge??


Oct 04 2019 frank femenias 9:39 AM

Lol, definitely will soon Dave. The whole OBVR visit has been on the to-do list for at least 20 years, even before learning about the LIMP and the bridge. Talk about procrastination!

Oct 06 2019 Tom 3:00 PM

Great group of pictures guys!

Oct 12 2019 Paul 6:14 PM

Approximate location of the bridge

Oct 12 2019 Paul 6:16 PM

Photo taken 12 Saturday 2019 just before the Germans set up an ambush for the unsuspecting American GIs

image image
Oct 12 2019 Brian D McCarthy 9:25 PM

Nice shot, Paul. You must be affiliated with the ‘American Museum of Armor’, next door to OBVR. I haven’t been to the museum, yet. Will soon.

Oct 12 2019 S. Berliner, III 9:40 PM

Paul - I think you may have Halloween mixed up with April Fool’s Day.  Sturmgeschütz StuG IV, Aus. F or G {?}, nothwithstanding (funny - I just saw a restored StuG in “action” this afternoon), that bridge is south of the end of the path, only a few feet north of the south border fence, as noted on the revised image.  Sam, III

Oct 12 2019 Paul 11:41 PM

Go to the head of the class gentleman!  Mr. Berliner I’m sorry our paths didn’t cross today. I was piloting the Stug. I had to take those photos quickly, we had to get ready for the assault on the GIs. You are correct with the location- hard to tell with all of the trees obscuring the path. Brian please come we’d love to have you. The museum is really something to behold!

Oct 13 2019 frank femenias 7:58 AM

Google Earth Mar 2012, after the 2011 cleanup!

Oct 31 2019 Ron Troy 8:40 PM

The Armour museum is quite impressive.  As you would find at American Airpower Museum, much of the equipment on site runs, and does get out and about at times.  Most they own.  Some, as I’ve been told, is still owned by the US Army, and the museum won’t do anything to get them up and running since they don’t own them.  My personal favorite is the M551 General Sheridan light tank, Viet Nam era.  Probably at Fort Bragg, I got to ride one over 40 years ago.  Also saw one air dropped out of the back of a C130 at very low altitude on a pallet.  It’s crew parachuted down nearby, unhooked the tank from its pallet, and drove off.

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