Sep 28 2017

Sam & Dave’s Excellent “Lost” Motor Parkway Adventure V: Remnants of Petit Trianon

In the fifth post of the "Lost" series, Dave Russo and his 11-year old son Sammy explore possible remnants of the Petit Trianon Inn in Lake Ronkonkoma.


Howard Kroplick

Dave Russo: Definitely a Motor Parkway concrete post at the base. I have no ide what those two pipes are.

Dave Russo: The wall is still there. It's definitely original.

Dave Russo: You can read the word NASSAU on the brick.

Dave Russo: Pretty much looking up to where the Petit Trianon was

Mapping courtesy of Frank Femenias


Oct 01 2017 LMK 8:57 AM

Well done guys…. Enjoyed looking at these images, thanks…

Oct 01 2017 Walt Gosden 10:35 AM

Nassau brick was very popular on long island and used extensively in building of houses etc in Queens, Nassau , and Suffolk Counties. My house is built with Nassau brick, dates form 1953 (built by my Dad and Grand Father who were brick masons/contractors) so Nassau Brick was still in business as of that date.

Oct 01 2017 Ted 5:35 PM

Amaziing what you guys found and probably lots more that you didn’t,that are buried under everything,that you can’t see,it would have to be dug up. Great job on what you found

Oct 08 2017 Tom 2:39 PM

I’m glad you put up the picture of the Petit Trianon at the end.  What year was it demolished?

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