Oct 24 2017

Updated: Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” IV: Old Bethpage

In the fourth post of the "Excellent Motor Parkway Hike" series, Dave Russo and his 11-year old son Sammy explored  the Battle Row section of the Motor Parkway and the Old Bethpage Bridge.

On Sunday, April 2, 2017, Dave Russo and his 12-year old son Sammy embarked on their third annual "Vanderbilt Day". Instead of duplicating the Queens to Melville route, they decided to hike the "unknown" sections of the Motor Parkway from Bethpage to Dix Hills.
Dave Russo April 2, 2017: "The original plan was to start at the Maxess Road Bridge and work our way east but we feared that would not be long enough so we decided on a new starting point.....The starting point was Stewart Avenue in Bethpage and we made our way to Dix Hills. This time we left the bikes at home and walked 13 miles. And not a normal 13 miles, there were large portions of the exploration through woods, thorns and thickets. We both came out with many scratches and bites, but at the end of the day we completed our mission and can add another chapter to the memory book!"


Howard Kroplick





Location for Sam  and Dave's adventure in Old Bethpage.

Battle Row

 In Battle Row - looking east at Spagnoli Road in the distance. The pavement is all still here.

A post with the wire still in it.

Old Bethpage Motor Parkway Bridge

We crossed over Spagnoli, heading up to one of the great spots...... Bethpage Restoration Bridge - circa 2017 - it's only 107 years old.

Showing some wear and tear

Looking good inside

Picture from the south side looking north

How'd you guys get in there???? No comment!!!


Oct 24 2017 Brian 9:24 PM

Thanks guys.

Oct 25 2017 Chris Battestin 12:02 PM

I would like to join you guys on your adventures. I am Chris Battestin from Massapequa,  member of the Preservation Society,  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Oct 27 2017 frank femenias 4:44 PM

Nice tour guys. The underside of bridge is looking good for 107. That last clean up made such a difference.

Oct 27 2017 Dave Russo 9:07 PM

I realize this is not uncharted territory for LIMP lovers but the LIMP from Round Swamp Rd through Battle Row is really cool. And many people think that once you reach the campground that is the end of the pavement, not true! The pavement continues underneath the thickets all the way to Spagnoli where the bridge was. There are many posts along this stretch as well. Several way down on both sides of the bridge near Round Swamp - further away then they typically are.

The Bethpage bridge is wonderful. We hopped the fence because the farm people at the gates can sometimes talk forever! When you go to this bridge you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and nobody is around and it’s probably very much like 1910 in that regard, minus the giant sand pit to your east. Hopefully this bridge will enjoy landmark status one day, like its 1 year older brother bridge in New Hyde Park.

More interesting things to follow as we head further east…...stay tuned. I miss the LIMP discussions and discoveries. Did anyone ever move into that house in Garden City??? Mayan Ruins?? We never went digging!

Chris—-I dont think there is an attorney alive capable of writing an adequate enough waiver for you to sign to protect Sammy and I from a law suit!!

Oct 29 2017 Ann 6:56 PM

What an adventure!!  So glad you documented the LIMP, 2017!

Oct 29 2017 frank femenias 11:10 PM

Closest I’ve ever got to the Old Bethpage bridge was at the back gate on Sweet Hollow Rd and Claremont St. (location of the former LIMP bridge). Dripping wet from cycling during a previous downpour, I explained to the young gate attendant that I just wanted to see the bridge that was nearby (~900 feet east). She wouldn’t let me in. So I rode back home to Valley Stream dripping wet. The saga continues.

Oct 30 2017 Roger Price 4:03 PM

I believe the Old Bethpage Bridge is in back of the Old Bethpage Village property.  I was part of the cleanup committee with the Long Island Model A Ford Club a couple of years ago that cleared all the debris and overgrowth on top of the bridge.  It’s still looking good.  Amazing that it still exists and I hope it will continue to be preserved.

Nov 06 2017 frank femenias 11:48 PM

Is this bridge protected? I’m assuming it is under Old Bethpage Restoration. It seems secure but don’t want anything happenig to it.

Nov 07 2017 Dave Russo 8:02 PM

The bridge is tucked way back in the southeast corner of the Restoration, away from all of the “attractions”. Everyone who I’ve ever talked to who have taken their kids/family to the Restoration has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about when I ask them about the bridge.

Of course, you really need to go and investigate the bridge yourself Frank!

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