Dec 06 2008

Looking for the Restored 1909 Alco-6 Racer

It has been over 15 years since the restored 1908 Alco-6 racer that won the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races called the United States its home. For years, I had heard the car was in a lobby in an office building in France. Three weeks ago, I decided to take up the challenge of finding the current location of the Alco. Within 30 minutes of searching on the Internet, I found the Belgium. With this wonderful discovery, I turned to wife and said "Road trip!".

Click here to see what the Alco looked like two weeks ago in Brussels. In one of the images, you can see my wife, Roz, and youngest daughter, Dana, the mechanician who also created this website.


Dec 08 2008 Tom Grant 7:40 AM

Howard:  Thanks for finding the Bete Noir. I can almost see Frank Lee and Harry Grant on board. Hope you enjoyed your “road trip.”  Be well and Happy Holidays.  Tom Grant

Dec 08 2008 Howard Kroplick 7:16 PM


Your granduncle would be very proud of the current condition of the Alco-6 Racer. Beautiful!!



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