Dec 06 2014

Saturday Search Findings: A Map of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit

Search: Information on the Bridgehampton Race Circuit. Submitted by Ed Callo. Posted 12/12/2014

Ed Callo: "You are the expert on all things Long Island.  Going through my fathers old stuff I found an undated  11"X 17" Bridgehampton course map the shows a tunnel where the bridge was.  Was there ever a tunnel?  I always remember it as a bridge but don't really remember much from when my parents dragged me out there when I was 2 or 3.What do you thing they meant by "Potters Field?"

Guy Frost: "As seen in this latter map, there was a pedestrian tunnel to the infield. In the late 1950s, the tunnel collapsed and was filled in. Potters Field became Parking Field #3."

Was Arents Turn related to veteran Vanderbilt Cup Race driver George Arents?

Howard Kroplick: It is likely the Arents Turn was named for George Arents, III, the son of Vanderbilt Cup Race driver George Arents, Jr..  George Arents, III (later known confusingly as George Arents, Jr.) raced Ferraris at many races including Bridgehampton Race Circuit on Long Island in the 1960s. Besides his personal racing "hobby" his most important contribution to motor racing is founding and funding the North American Racing Team with Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti and Jan de Vroom in 1956. Chinetti ran it and Arents and de Vroom supplied the funding. NART raced with much success all over the world until '70 or '71 including winning Le Mans in 1965.

George Arents, III (left) and his father George Arents, Jr at Bridgehampton in the 1950s.


Dec 15 2014 john mesawich 12:11 PM

I remember my first visit to The Bridge in 1979.  The tunnel was just a concrete culvert.  It disappeared in 1980-81.  Arents turn was named after the first racer to crash there.  George Arents.

Jun 14 2018 joseph fraumeni 3:00 PM

from the facts in the book Lost Road Courses, the track got funded from selling sand ,10 years worth .They then did much repairs to the track including the tunnell 1962 or so the tunnell to run for parts or whatever you needed in the paddack It was scarey to leave the paddack when a race was under way

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