Dec 06 2014

Saturday Search Findings: 1915 Point Loma Road Race Photos

Search: "1915 Point Loma Road Race". Submitted by Boyd Goddard. Posted 12/7/2014

Boyd Goddard; "I am looking for photos of cars from the 1915 Point Loma Road Race (AAA). The race was held in conjunction with the San Diego Exposition. Specifically, I need #10 Duesenberg of Jack Callaghan. I believe it had the same number at Corona in 1914. Callaghan died in a wreck a month later at Ascot, so there is a very small historical window for photos. Also would like photos of:
#16 Carling Special (a Schacht)
#18 Shields' Special (a 1910 National)
#15 King
#17 Maxwell (2nd place car)"

Howard Kroplick: Boyd, an easy first place to check is the San Diego Historical Society.


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