Dec 30 2011

Searching for the Renault Vanderbilt Racers- the Ferrari Enzos of Their Day

Last May, reviewed the special 1907 Renault Vanderbilt Racers that were built for William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. and his friends. I noted that of the 11 cars that were built in 1907, five are known to exist today. Today's challenge: Post photos of these racers.


At the very beginning of the search, I found this excellent 2007 article on the Renault Vanderbilt Racers published in Sports Car Market. Here's the photos and other background information that I discovered:






Owned by Kirk Gibson of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania





Formerly part of the Otis Chandler Collection. Owned by Harry Payne Whitney, Winthrop Rockefeller, Bill Harrah and Peter Kaus. The car was sold for $1.1 million at the Gooding & Company Auction held on October 21, 2006.





Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head, Maine





Price Museum of Speed, Salt Lake City, Utah. Note: Also the current home of the 1904 #6 Pope-Toledo.





"Agatha", reconstructed by David Harrison of the UK.Restored in 1992 by German car collector Wolfgang Auge. Multiple owners over the years.





Although cartoonist Charles Addams (1912-1988) never owned a Renault Vanderbilt Racer, he clearly wanted to have the Ferrari Enzo of his day for the "Addams Family".


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