Aug 10 2012

Seven Upcoming Automotive Events (August 12-13, 2012) & A Mystery Medallion

Seven automobile events are on the schedule for Sunday and Monday. Also, can anyone identify the racing scene in a mystery medallion?


Howard Kroplick


Sunday, August 12, 2012

New York Autofest Does Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay, NY 2012 Atlantic Northeast Meet, Lawrence, NY The Frank Bigelow/Kidney Cancer Foundation Car Show & Fundraiser, West Islip, NY Super Swap Sunday Car Show & Swap Meet, Ronkonkoma, NY Miller Place- Mount Sinai 5th Annual Car Show, Miller Place, NY Presentation “Progress in Engine Technology, Vintage Cars to 21st Century”, Stony Brook, NY

Monday, August 13, 2012

Presentation “The Most Beautiful & Unusual Automobiles Ever Built”, Plainview, NY

A Mystery Medallion

Karl Esch has submitted this photo of a vintage car versus plane medallion. Karl Esch: " I recently found this medallion at curio sale here in Portland, Oregon. The seller knew nothing about it and I have been unsuccessful with my online research in identifying it. It measures 1.5" high by 1.25" wide. The back is plain and not inscribed. I thought it might depict Barney Oldfield vs Lincoln Beechy, but have not been able to correlate the No.18 automobile and the airplane depicted is of a very early type. I am curious to know if anyone might be familiar with this image and what it depicts?"

Update: A Similar Medallion from Phil Goudelias


Aug 12 2012 Andrew S. Hartwell 12:39 AM

I’m guessing it is a depiction of Orville Wright (of the Wright brothers) in a Ford race car with the medallion showing the connection and the friendship between Orville and Henry Ford.  Perhaps the medallion was issued to honor an anniversary of the first flight?

Aug 12 2012 Mike Bauman 8:38 AM

I have a medallion exactly like the one illustrated that a friend found at an antique show in Indianapolis last year.

Aug 13 2012 Phil Goudelias 11:59 PM

I have one also I am from Brentwood Long island N.Y. Been in my family a long time do not know were it is from. Vanderbilt cup races were held here but no airplanes were used.

Aug 15 2012 Karl Esch 1:33 AM

Are either the Indianapolis or Brentwood medallion inscribed on their backs? If so, could/would you please post images?

Aug 16 2012 PHIL GOUDELIAS 12:47 PM

Hi Karl
There is no markings on back and mine is not round like yours it has the round circle but around the outside looks like a stop sign.
                                                                Thanks Phil

Aug 16 2012 PHIL GOUDELIAS 5:44 PM

How do i post photos on this site?

Aug 16 2012 Howard Kroplick 8:23 PM

Hi Phil:

Send them to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I will repost them here.



Aug 16 2012 Karl Esch 10:34 PM


I think my medallion was originally shaped like yours but, for some unknown reason, was trimmed down. You can see the cut marks around the edges in my scan of the medallion. Thanks for photographing yours.  I hope we can solve this mystery.

Oct 16 2015 Ray Rupelli 3:59 PM

RE: Race Car Medallion….probably from a turn of the century race at Indy….check out In those days Indy hosted car, airplane and dirigible airship races.

Feb 18 2020 Linda Madaffer 11:19 AM

Consider contacting David McCullough “The Wright Brothers” and Dawn Dewey, Archivist Wright State Univ Dayton, OH 937-775-2011

I am the archivist at the Wright “B” Flyer, Inc Archivist Dayton Wright Brothers Airport 10555 Springboro Pike Miamisburg, OH 45342

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