Oct 27 2012

Smiles and Thumbs Ups from the 2012 Cradle of Aviation Classic Car Show

Another wonderful car was held last Sunday by the Long Island Region of the Classic Car Club of America at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Some highlights, smiles and thumbs ups:


Complimentary photos from the above slideshow can be downloaded from this Photobucket.com website.


Howard Kroplick

A photo from 1937?

The 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler was a big spectator attraction.

Riding in the Beast in the Cradle of Aviation parking lot.

The Beast's roar was a bit much for some.

Over 75 cars participated in the show

The People's Choices.

Black Beast Smiles and Thumbs Ups

The Trip Home

Chrysler's Chrysler drove the 5-mile trip back to its Roslyn garage. Video to be posted next week.


Oct 28 2012 jimes barnes 6:08 AM

thanks for all your help and your input in to the show
your cars make it a special day
and your patience with kids is so ‘strange” to the hobby

jim barnes

Oct 28 2012 Walt Gosden 10:08 AM

Howard, thanks for your support of the annual Cradle of Aviation Show. You are a loyal member of our Long Island Sound Region of the Classic Car Club of America. It was great to see your Chrysler out on the road and being driven since its decades of hibernation! Because of you this great car will stay here on Long Island.

Oct 28 2012 Kenneth J. Harris 12:03 PM

Great slide show of very interesting cars.  I’ll try to make the next one.


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