Apr 26 2016

Smiles and Thumbs-Ups at the First Car Show Ever Held on the Long Island Motor Parkway

History was made last Sunday with the first car show ever held on the Motor Parkway.

The very successful show, sponsored by the Greater New York Region of the AACA, was held on the preserved Williston Park section of the Motor Parkway. With over 100 vintage automobiles participating, the event drew hundreds of spectators on a beautiful day. Smiles, thumbs-ups and highlights are below.



Smiles and Thumb-Ups

The Alco Black Beast was a big hit with all generations.

The Black Beast roared every hour!

Posters on the Vanderbilt Cup Races, the Motor Parkway and the Alco Black Beast attracted a crowd.

A Motor Parkway fan brought his 1934 E-Z pass to the show. He was able to enter the show without paying a fee.

Black Beast Rides

Several people received a special ride on the Motor Parkway.

Car Show Highlights

The three-foot concrete extensions on both sides of this section of the Motor Parkway are still in great shape.


Apr 26 2016 Howard Kroplick 10:48 PM

From Artie:

Thanks for your participation in our show.

Apr 27 2016 rich dunlop 9:57 AM

The black beast rides again!

Apr 30 2016 S. Berliner, III 11:12 PM

First picture - nothing’s changed in 106-107 years!  Crowds on the course!  Sam, III

May 02 2016 Howard Kroplick 10:30 AM

From Rick Jorgensen:

  Congratulations on the Motor Parkway Show!

  You have done so very much to bring forth interest and knowledge of the Parkway and those who raced for the Cup and those who built the Parkway.
Most Sincerely,
Rick A. Jorgensen
Founder of Golden Era Automobile Association

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