Aug 13 2011 Show & Tell: The Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup Race Poster

Last week Mark L. posted this request for information on Show & Tell and .

Mark L: "I found this item at an estate sale. It's a 28" x 19" cardboard sign or poster showing the winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Any information on this item will be appreciated. Inside the image bottom left it says Frank Presbrey Co. On the bottom right it says ZT Schultz perhaps the artist . On the bottom edge it reads:

"The first American car to achieve the great honor, the Locomobile winning the great international race for the Vanderbilt Cup Oct 24 1908. Average speed 64.38 miles per hour breaking all records in competition for this famous trophy.

The poster is in good condition and the colors are bright. I also have the original frame and glass."


Mark, your poster was part of a 1909 ad campaign implemented by the Locomobile Company to celebrate Old 16's victory in the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race and to promote their 1909 "30" and "40" models. "The Triumph of the Locomobile" campaign was created and implemented by the Frank Presbrey Co., a Locomobile ad agency. I was unable to find Z Schultz in this artist database.


The ad noted: "The striking poster illustrated above is lithographed in eleven colors. Suitable for framing, with or without descriptive matter. Mailed on receipt of 10 cents."


The Locomobile poster and a set of 12 Vanderbilt Cup Race postcards were promoted via this small ad in automobile trade journals throughout 1909.



A search of my Old 16 photo collection found the inspiration for the 1909 poster.

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Aug 14 2011 joel Finn 2:15 PM


I forgot to note in my earlier Email that the 1908 Locomobile poster commemorating the victory was issued in three sizes, 14” X 20”, 18” X 30” and 30” X 48”. I have all three sizes.

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Oct 17 2011 Mark 10:39 AM

Good morning Howard, Due to a emergency surgery on my pet.I have a huge unexpected vet bill to pay.Im interested in selling this locomobile poster.Is there any collectors or museums that might be interested in this? Or should I try to Ebay It?. Thanks for your help, Mark

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