Dec 21 2008

The Restored Alco-6 Racer Returning to Long Island!

I am pleased to announce the restored Alco-6 Racer that is believed to have won the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races will be returning to Long Island in 2009. I have purchased the car from Jean-Louis Duret of Annecy, France.

Click on these links for information and images of the car.

-The Alco-6 Racer in Brussels, December 2008

-The Alco-6 Race Car

-The #8 Alco in the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race

-The #18 Alco in the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race

-Harry Grant: Driver of the Alco

-The American Locomotive Company will be providing future updates on the status of the car and plans for special events and exhibits.


Dec 21 2008 Bruce Richmond 12:33 PM

Howard,  Congratulations.  I know it was a big thrill for you.  Cuz

Dec 21 2008 Walt Gosden 1:19 PM

Congratulations, I am sure it is a dream come true for you. I recall when the car was first restored being driven into the pre war HCCA Fairfield County Region car show at Ridgefield , Ct. You could here it coming when it was still 1/4 mile away!

Dec 21 2008 Joseph DeBono 1:24 PM

Howard, That is big news. That will be great for you and long island. Congratulations.  Joe

Dec 21 2008 Tom Grant 3:16 PM

Howard:  Great news and congrats.  Tom

Dec 21 2008 Jerry Shapiro 4:02 PM

Howard, Congratulations! seeing you sitting in your “new” racer, patiently waiting until the flag drops makes me feel good.  I can’t wait to see and hear it. Jerry

Dec 21 2008 Walter McCarthy 8:48 PM

Hi Howard,  Congratulations are in order and if anyone should have the car it should be you knowing your intense interest in anything Vanderbilt Cup!  I have had a number of big old chaindriven cars through the years and still have a 1910 Simplex, so just contact me if any help is needed! 
      Regards,  Walter McCarthy

Dec 22 2008 Richard Motycka 8:25 AM

Excellent news!  Now you just need a proper outfit to wear behind the wheel and a mechanician to whisper into your ear, as they did to Caesar during his triumph, “Remember, you are mortal.”

Dec 23 2008 Howard Kroplick 12:58 AM

Your positive vibes are much appreciated. I can not wait for the car to arrive in January.


Jan 08 2009 Jan Lee 9:04 PM


Feb 28 2009 Jack Wegman 10:17 AM


Congratulations on your purchase of Alco #6.

You have renewed my interest in holding the Dead Horse Hill Climb again. If I can pull it off, I would love to see your car there. I would like to talk to you about it personally. I would appreciate your phone number. Mine is 508-888-3103 Thanks. Jack Wegman Cape Cod

Mar 02 2009 Howard Kroplick 6:56 PM


It was a pleasure speaking with you. Best of luck developing this event.I will help as much as possible.



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