Nov 26 2010

The Alco Black Beast:  2010 Smiles and Thumbs-Up

Over 1,000 men, women and children sat in the Alco Black Beast in 25 automotive events held this year on Long Island, Connecticut and Upstate New York. Here are some of my favorite smiles and thumb-ups:





















Here is a ten-minute film of over 300 people in the Black Beast:


Nov 28 2010 Howard Kroplick 3:33 PM

From Roger P:

Wonderful pix of young and old enjoying your Black Beast, Howard…thanks for sharing it so generously with others.

Nov 28 2010 cathy ball 4:52 PM

Howard, The photos are great and the movie.
You are truly the right person to have this
car, because you let others have fun with it!

Take care,  Cathy Ball

Nov 28 2010 Dennis Mamchur 9:47 PM

If that’s Janet Guthrie, tell her she still looks hot.  Dennis

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