Oct 09 2018

Updated: The 6th Annual “Motor Parkway Sunday Drive to Lake Ronkonkoma”  A Big Success

Last Sunday's Motor Parkway Drive to commemorate the 110th Anniversary of the Long Island Motor Parkway was a great success.

The efforts of the Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association, the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society, the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC) and the Lakeland Fire Department resulted in a memorable event. The program featured a tour from Fresh Meadows, Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma and the unveiling of a Long Island Motor Parkway historical marker at the Lakeland Fire Department.

Tour Report from Bruce Adams of the Model A Ford Club

Two antique cars started the tour, John Dolan 's 1908 Rolls Royce with his wife Denise Dolan and my 1931 Model A Ford Cabriolet. We drove along the original Motor Parkway path in Cunningham Park and Alley Pond Park which is now a bike path as Robert Moses deemed it to be. The police escorted us out through Queens and then across Nassau County and into Suffolk County with the police escort the whole way.

When we got to Huntington about five or six Model A Ford club cars joined in the procession following the Rolls-Royce, my car and about 15 members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society and their cars. Howard Kroplick's Vanderbilt Cup Race winner, the ALCO BLACK BEAST from the 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt cup Races, was there to greet us.

We drove out to Lake Ronkonkoma and then to the Lakeland Fire Department to unveil a sign commemorating the Motor Parkway. Thanks to Ellyn Okvist and Bob Kentner for putting on this event.

Congrats to Ellyn Okvist, Bobby Kentner and Art Kleiner  for organizing the tour, historical marker celebration and the participation of the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club.


Howard Kroplick

Photos courtesy of John Cuocco, Bruce Adams and Art Kleiner.

Real time ham radio tracking of the Sunday Drive provided by LIMARC. The president of the club is Richie Centrone.

A portable ham radio station that Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC) erected at the Lakeland Firehouse, including antennas.   And the trailer is the ARES trailer they use for emergency communications when called  upon, such as help law enforcement during hurricanes and other emergencies.  ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

The Tour from Fresh Meadows to Lake Ronkonkoma

John Dolan's 1908 Rolls Royce and Bruce Adams' 1931 Model A Ford Cabriolet lead the tour.

Art Kleiner operating a mobile station during the tour.

Art Kleiner and his sister Marion.

Bruce Adams on his "cell" phone.

Dedication and Unveiling of the Motor Parkway Historical Marker

Ellyn Okvist had the honor of dedicating the historical marker. Video by John Cuocco.

Art Kleiner and Ellen Okvist unveiled the marker.

Ellyn and the Beast.

Link to Other Motor Parkway Films and Videos


Oct 10 2018 frank femenias 9:19 PM

A memorable day in Motor Parkway history. Fantastic work by all!

Oct 11 2018 Art Kleiner 6:38 AM

Terrific job done by Ellyn organizing this event - so many moving parts which I was glad to be a part of.  And a shout out to Bobby for his work before and during the event.

I especially liked being able to combine two passions of mine - the Motor Parkway and Amateur Radio.  And while atmospheric conditions were not ideal for ham radio, contacts were made with hams in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and NY. 

It was great seeing the community involved and the support provided by the police in all three counties.  And what a dedication ceremony!  Bravo!

Oct 15 2018 bob 2:43 PM

I would love to participate with one of my vintage cars ... will that be possible next year? .... please reply to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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