Aug 14 2017

The Alco Black Beast Makes an Appearance on the History Channel Tonight

The Alco Black Beast makes an appearance this week on Part 1 of the History Channel's new series "The Cars that Made America". I once again play Alexander Winton racing Henry Ford.

Part I will be repeated at 6:00 pm on Monday. Here is a highlight clip:


Howard Kroplick


Aug 19 2017 Brian D McCarthy 9:33 PM

I just watched this episode OnDemand ( - commercials ). I guess you had to let Mr. Ford win, Howard lol. Can’t be re-writing history now. Had no clue that the Dodge Bros. ( and countless others ) succumbed to the Spanish Flu. Very watchable overall, looking forward to the next episode.

Aug 26 2017 Brian D McCarthy 4:31 PM

Watched all 3 episodes of this series. All very good. I had no idea Mr. Lee Iacocca was the President of The Ford Motor Company. My first ( quite used ) car was a Mustang 2 ( cousin to the Ford Pinto, their 1st “economy car” ). Mr. Henry Ford 2 should have never fired Lee, even though they clashed often. Mr. Iacocca saved Chrysler, he’s a very talented/intelligent man ( 93 yrs old now ). My grandmother had a Dodge Aries K-car, she loved it.

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