Oct 03 2017

The Day Vanderbilt and Moses Announced the Long Island Motor Parkway Was Closing

Although the Long Island Motor Parkway officially closed in 1938, the fate of our favorite road was announced on June 17, 1937 following a Babylon meeting of representatives from New York City Park Department,  NY State Department of Public Works, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Robert Moses, president of the Long Island State Park Commission.

Below are how the major newspapers reported the meeting.


Howard Kroplick

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 17, 1937

New York Times Editorial, June 18, 1937

Suffolk County News June 18, 1937

Brooklyn Daily Eagle June 23, 1937


Oct 04 2017 Ellyn Okvist 7:26 AM

Very relevant information. Thank you

Oct 08 2017 LMK 8:32 AM

Enjoyed reading this….Thanks for finding it and sharing it….

Oct 08 2017 Laura and Kenneth Harris 9:26 AM

Very nice coverage of the L.I. Motor Parkway!

Oct 08 2017 Denis Byrne 9:27 AM

I find it interesting that the original transfer plans seemed to be that the Motor Parkway would be refurbished as local roads and kept largely intact. What would be even more interesting is learning how that only happened in Suffolk, and the Queens bike path segment, but finding out how Nassau simply abandoned so much of the route and how that came about.

Oct 08 2017 Richard Sloan 11:12 AM

Great idea to put
all of these clippings together, for fascinating reading. Thanx!

Oct 09 2017 Bob DeStefani 1:13 PM

Very educational, informative articles.

Oct 10 2017 frank femenias 9:19 PM

Nooooo! Say it ain’t so. Well, at least some sections and bridges survived. Was the Interboro Pkwy photo taken from above on Union Tpke facing NE, just before entering the trench? This might make a good mystery

Oct 12 2017 Robert Miller 1:03 PM

I read of this in a 1939 World’s Fair report—to use the Parkway one way west to get people to the Fair and then one way east to take them home at night.  It’s a shame Moses had to kill it.

Oct 13 2017 Fred Hadley 3:51 PM

Check out the video that Robert Miller and I made on the Willy K Speedway:


Oct 20 2017 LMK 9:35 PM

Fred & Robert, I enjoyed that journey back in time very much…..Thanks !!

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