Aug 14 2015

The Kings of the Ford Custom Car Caravan

Beginning in fall 1962 through 1965, Ford created the Ford Custom Car Caravan to campaign customized and performance-themed Fords. The 1963 Caravan included the Mustang I and Mustang II. Later Ford reached out to prominent customizers and commissioned additional custom cars for the tour including the Mustang III built by Dearborn Steel Tubing.

Below are several of the "Kings" of the Ford Custom Car Caravan.


Howard Kroplick

The entrance to one of the Ford Custom Car Caravan exhibits with the Mustang III on the right and the Flacon by Holman & Moody on the left


The Alexa is a 1964 Ford Galaxie built by the Alexander Brothers. The car was actually designed by Harry Bradley, who worked for Cadillac design studio.


The Astro was created by Bill Cushenberry of Cushenberry Custom Shop. It was based on a 1963 Ford Galaxie Convertible. He used Ford's traditional round taillight theme as motif for the front end of the car.

Falcon- Holman & Moody

Holman and Moody transformed a Falcon Competition Coupe adding an unusual fastback roof.


Built by the legendary Gene Winfield from a 1963 Falcon convertible.

Mustang I

The Mustang I concept car was designed by Ford designer John Najjar in 1962 and made several appearances in the Ford Custom Car Caravan,

Mustang II

The Mustang II concept car was built by Vince Gardner of Dearborn Steel Tubing.

Mustang III

The Mustang III concept show car was requested by Ford and designed by Vince Gardner of Dearborn Steel Tubing.  It made several appearances in the Ford Custome Car Caravan as documented on this website.


This Ford E-100 Econoline pickup was transformed by Gene Winfield.


This Mustang was customized by Fostoria Styling for the Caravan. Note the Mustang III on the far left.


Dean Jeffries customized this Falcon.


Aug 16 2015 Ted 1:09 PM

Out of all these cars I like the Pegasus and the Python,the Mustang11 is nice,the shape of the front is nice,somehow the headlights don’t look right,but no doubt yours is the best,it looks like a true 60s Mustang,just shorter with a change to the rear.

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