Feb 01 2020

Kleiner’s Kolumn: Documentation of the 12 Long Island Motor Parkway Bridges in Queens

Previous posts have featured the many bridges constructed over and under The Long Island Motor Parkway, however none have included all the bridges in one place.  This first post provides profiles of the 12 bridges built in Queens. 

Art Kleiner


Feb 02 2020 S. Berliner, III 3:39 PM

I have so many pix of some of these posted (and so many missing - sorry) that I wouldn’t know where to start but <http://sbiii.com/limp-qn1.html>, et seq., would be good.  Wheeler #1 is at <http://sbiii.com/limp-qn3.html#wheeler> in May 2008 in great detail.  Note in Art’s posted aerial above that the Wheeler #1 underpass was active up to the end but #2 seems to have no trace of use by 1924.  Another fab. post, Art; thanks.

Feb 03 2020 Bob Andreocci 8:01 AM

These photos are amazing.  Glad they have been shared.  Bob

Feb 03 2020 Graham 9:34 AM

Can you see any of these in Google street view? I tried to look up “The Hollis Hills Terrace Bridge in Queens,” but it’s obviously not the right place (*image att).

Feb 13 2020 Emmett McCullough 10:41 PM

Graham: Look up Richland ave and Hollis Hills Terrace in Queens. Turn around and you will see the bridge.


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