Dec 13 2016

The Second 2016 Kleiner Tour of the Long Island Motor Parkway

On November 27, 2016, Art Kleiner, of Kleiner's Korner fame, led his second tour of the Motor Parkway with his friends. This time the tour focused on western Nassau County and eastern Suffolk County. A great time was had by all!


Howard Kroplick

Art planning out his second Motor Parkway tour.

Deadman's Curve, Bethpage

The Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge on Maxess Road, Melville

Miguel gives a tour of the Motor Parkway in Colonial Springs.

Visiting Carmen Auriemma and the Motor Parkway in his Dix Hills backyard.

In front of the Motor Parkway historical marker at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library in Dix Hills.


Dec 14 2016 Mike Cain 12:54 PM

Looks like it was an interesting day. Sorry that due to a family emergency I was unable to be there but I’m hoping to do it the next time. Thanks for the invite Art. You have my cell number!

Dec 15 2016 Dave Russo 1:10 PM

Great job guys. Keep it up. That pic of the maxess road bridge shows there has been more damage to it. The concrete was smooth up beyond the date stamp last year. But recently it seems to have chipped down. Not good.

I love how you guys meet in the office before the journey! Keep exploring!

Dec 15 2016 Art Kleiner 2:08 PM

No problem Mike.  Hope all is well.

Dec 18 2016 S. Berliner, III 6:57 PM

Just a reminder that that historical marker is (or at least was) incorrect <>; Arthur (Rayner) Pardington was NOT the Engineer of the LIMP.  He was the V. P. and General Manager.  Sam, III

Dec 18 2016 Ted 8:19 PM

I also say keep up the good work guys

Dec 20 2016 Brian D McCarthy 6:41 PM

Me too, Dave! I liken Art and his buds planning in “The Office” to “The War Room” ( The Curse of Oak Island, History Channel ).

Dec 22 2016 Dave Russo 8:18 PM

Good one Brian!

Man I really want to love that show, oak island. It’s right up all of our alleys you know? It has so much potential. But I’m always disappointed at the end of each episode! They’ve pulled every string in the world….when are they gonna find something???? I keep thinking the network couldn’t be on board unless they knew this was leading to something good….but it never happens. Enough with the analytics!

Dec 23 2016 Brian D McCarthy 7:47 PM

Thanks, Dave. We know their all being filmed,etc. But I/We can relate to everyone on that show. Wish they invite us all their!

Hunting Hitler is another favorite of mine. The psycho is dead by now, but I really get into their discoveries, etc.

Feb 04 2017 Brian D McCarthy 1:59 PM

Hi Art and anyone who are fans of ‘The Curse of Oak Island” series on the History Channel. The latest episode has Rick Lagina and Doug Crowell meeting up with Zena Halpern ( at her residence in Roslyn, NY ). She’s a writer/historian who researches the presence of the Knight Templars in Nova Scotia and nearby Oak Island. I think it’s neat that their research led them to our Long Island!

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