Aug 24 2013

Then & Now: The George Vanderbilt Cup Trophy

For the revival of the Vanderbilt Cup Races in 1936, a new Vanderbilt cup was designed and produced by Cartier.

The George Vanderbilt Cup trophy was only utilized for the 1936 and 1937 races and is currently on display at Museo Nicolis in Verona, Italy.


Howard Kroplick

1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race- Winner Tazio Nuvolari

1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race- Winner Bernd Rosenmeyer

Now: Museo Nicolis, Verona, Italy

Video of Museo Nicolis. Trophy seen at 0:47 second mark.


Aug 25 2013 Joseph DeBono 3:36 PM

The Aviation Country Club House, That was on the Motor Parkway in Hicksville is still around at least five years ago . The Club house was split in two half and moved. Both buildings are homes in Hicksville, off Plainview road. Keep up the good work

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