Jan 14 2013

Three Amazing Photos from the Starting Line of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Three amazing photos of cars preparing for the start of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Courtesy of Paul Osika.


Howard Kroplick


The #15 Matheson driven by Louis Chevrolet, "Old 16" Locomobile driven by George Robertson and the #17 Renault driven by Lewis Strang. The Matheson and Renault are being cranked.

The best photo that I have ever seen of the #19 Thomas.

The #20 Knox driven by William Bourque next to the #17 Renault which was suffering from a faulty magneto. Referee William K. Vanderbilt Jr. can be seen in front of the Renault wearing goggles offering assistance. Over 5,000 fans were watching in the Hempstead Plains grandstand.


Jan 15 2013 Ted 4:03 PM

Yes they’re amazing pictures,thanks for providing them for us.

Jan 19 2013 gene martin 11:19 PM

did joe tracy race at the track.I met hin once at the L.I. auto museum where i worked

Feb 10 2013 Tom 6:52 PM

Looks like inclement weather for the race.

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