Oct 12 2017

Three Friends Hanging Out at the Motor Parkway Entrance on Springfield Boulevard, Queens in 1931

Bill Schwartzberg has forwarded more original photos from an old family album.  Three friends are having fun at the Rocky Hill Road entrance to the Motor Parkway (Springfield Avenue, Queens) on April 10, 1931.


Howard Kroplick

A previous post discovered the sign was located at the entrance to the Motor Parkway at Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard).

The sign read:


To All points On Long Island

One Way Ticket   Car and Party $1.00

The name reads either Seitsen, Leitsen, Feitsen or Teitson.


Oct 12 2017 Ellyn Okvist 1:55 PM

I absolutely love them!

Oct 13 2017 Art Kleiner 9:00 AM

Bill,  thanks for sharing!

Oct 15 2017 frank femenias 2:27 AM

Great to see more of this authentic Motor Pkwy sign and its exact location, thanks to contributors Bill Schwartzberg and Al Velocci. I now refute my previous comment that this sign was double-sided, but most likeIy rested firmly against the same SE entrance wall towards the Rocky Hill Road Lodge. This sign was too tucked in for a double-sider. This Motor Pkwy website continues to amaze. Thanks to all.

Oct 16 2017 Ken Wiebke 1:58 PM

Looks like they were enjoying early Spring Friday and I guess had the buck for the private road.  Wonder what they drove?  With the leather jackets I’m thinking something open. 

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