Jan 14 2010

Another Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup on Ebay

As noted by J. D. Marklin, another miniature Vanderbilt Cup mascot celebrating the 1908 victory by Locomobile is up for auction on Ebay. With less than two days remaining, the current bid is $1,525.


Last month a Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup mascot sold for $2,550 on Ebay. Expect the bidding to go up $500-$1,000 in the last 15 seconds of the auction.

January 16, 2010 Update: Locomobile Vanderbilt Cup mascot sells for $2,805.55 on Ebay


Jan 17 2010 Terrence McKeever 12:52 PM

Howard thanks once again for your time spent to put out and keep alive Long Island and Americas motorsports history.

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