Feb 18 2017

Tucker 1044 Receives a Big Welcome at Waterfront at Roslyn

It was a beautiful day on Saturday to finally take the Tucker 1044 out of the Waterfront at Roslyn garage. This historic car was greeted by a group of family, friends, Tucker fans, midshipmen from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and Sean and Amanda Tucker.


Howard Kroplick

Preston Tucker in 1948

Sean Tucker, great-grandson of Preston Tucker, in the Tucker '48 #1044 today.

Sean Tucker and Howard Kroplick.

Sean and Rob Ida are currently working on building  the Tucker Torpedo Concept Car.

Sean presented me with a copy of the March 1, 1948 issue of Life magazine which included this two-page ad for the Tucker '48. Note the focus on safety.

Midshipsmen check out the rear-mounted Franklin helicopter engine.

Waterfont at Roslyn Images

Back in the garage with my four other favorite collectible automobiles.


Feb 18 2017 frank femenias 10:53 PM

Congrats on this beaut Howard. Air intake at the rear wheel wells, assisted by vacuum at the rear grille. Great concept. The short exhaust pipes keeps it very efficient. Still love that tailgate. She is a beaut. Sorry I missed this.

Feb 18 2017 John Tucker Jr 10:57 PM

Thank you for the hreat photos! I sent Sean some photos of the day we picked it up in Ohio to forward to you. I look forward to meeting you one day.

Howard Kroplick:

John. anytime you are near Long Island, please give me a call. I will add you photos to the #1044 archives. Thanks!

Feb 19 2017 Howard Kroplick 12:12 AM

From Ron Ida:

This was a fun day. Thanks to Howard Kroplick for your hospitality. I think this car is in very good hands. Mr. Kroplick seems very excited to share his enthusiasm.

Feb 19 2017 Howard Kroplick 12:14 AM

From Sean Tucker:

Spending some time with Howard Kroplick the new owner of Tucker #1044 this morning. The car has attracted quite a crowd!

Feb 19 2017 MILAN G SHARIK JT 12:37 AM


Feb 19 2017 Joseph DeBono 7:39 AM

Great looking Car, Good Luck

Feb 19 2017 Jim "Zak" Szakmary 8:15 AM

I very much appreciated the online car show. Forgot that the Tucker was rear engine; appears to be a 6 volt system.

Feb 19 2017 Walt Gosden 8:41 AM

Howard thanks so much for the great time on Saturday, it was a pleasure to view Tucker #44 again (I first saw the car in the 1974 and rode in it when it was owned by my friend Les Sheaffer who was also a Franklin car collector) . It was very nice that you had fellow car enthusiasts . CCCA and AACA members, attend from all around long island as well as New Jersey and Pa.
You have added another jewel to the crown in your very unique car collection. The best part for all of us is your enthusiasm to share what you have which promotes a first hand appreciation of older motor cars and their history.

Feb 19 2017 L.M.K. 11:52 AM

Enjoy your new toy Howard. Thanks for sharing your joy…

Feb 19 2017 Rich 1:21 PM

Really enjoyed seeing and hearing about the Tucker - another gem in your remarkable collection.

Feb 19 2017 mark schaier 3:43 PM

Howard I enjoy that afternoon, chat with Walt, Al, and others members. (I now know who Gary Hammond look like). Do it again maybe a barbecue, picnic? at your place or other appropriate places? Along Motor Parkway? Haha. Members can bring their vintage cars to be checked out, interested?. Oh I voted for color code 300 for the Tucker. Your Groupie.

Feb 19 2017 Joe Mortell 6:46 PM

        What a wonderful acquisition! Wishing you the very best(also wishing you
Well with your S3.

Feb 19 2017 Mark Thomas 7:17 PM


Great car for your collection….  I wish you the best!

Mark Thomas

Feb 19 2017 Jeffrey Becker 8:17 PM

Great photos Howard.  Enjoy the Tucker and thanks for bringing one to Long Island.

Feb 19 2017 Steve Lucas 8:49 PM

Thanks for a wonderful event on Saturday. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed seeing the Tucker for the first time. Special thanks to John for getting the wife and grandkids in the photo with Sean waving his hat.

Feb 19 2017 Bruce Adams 11:36 PM

Thank you Howard for anther great event.  The Tucker is Super !  The other cars are always a treat to see.

Feb 20 2017 Steve Green 1:51 PM

Howie:  My AMC club in Northern California (Pacific Gold Rush Rambler Club, of which I am now president) had an outing this (last) weekend, in San Francisco.  We went to the Academy of Arts auto museum on Van Ness Ave. (special showing; it’s not actually open to the public) where we saw Tucker #1003 (3rd of the 51 Tuckers made).  Beautiful maroon color in great condition.  Can’t wait to see #1044 next time we’re out to New York (later this year).
Howard Kroplick

Steve, I saw Tucker ‘48 #1003 at the 2014 Gooding auction at Pebble Beach. It was sold by George Lucas.

Feb 20 2017 Dave Russo 6:11 PM

Congratulations Howard. The thing that is clear to everyone is that this historic car is in the best hands that it can possibly be in for proper preservation. Enjoy!

Jul 30 2017 Andy Soffian 3:05 PM

Congrats Howie.
Just heard about this fron Darrell.
Enjoy this gorgeous addition to your collection.


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