Dec 19 2017

Tucker 1044 Conservation Report I: The Original Andante Green Uncovered

I met with Rob Ida, Mike Tucker and Sean Tucker last Saturday at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey. Here is a progress report on Tucker 1044.


Howard Kroplick


The wheel was made by Kelsey-Hayes. Note: The size markings (15 X 6) with the 48 date.

Ty, Mike and Sean Tucker looking at the green paint found on one wheel.

Eureka, the original Andante green color!

This is the only trace of the original color found on the automobile. It will serve as the template for repainting 1044 using computer technology.

Cyclops Light

Mike Tucker holding the middle "Cyclops" light. There are contacts on both sides of the housing which enabled the light to go on when the steering wheel turned 10 degrees.


The two seats are in great shape.

The "Tucker Select-o-Seat" label.


The  brown color on 1044 painted in1972 will be gone by the end of the year.

As confirmed by the poll, it is time to bring 1044 back to its original color.

Invitation to the Tucker '48 #1044 Open House at Ida Automotive.

You are invited to an open house showing progress on the Tucker 1044 on Saturday, December 30, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at  Ida Automotive, 600 Texas Road, Morganville, New Jersey 07751. I hope that you can join Rob Ida, Mike Tucker, Sean Tucker and me for this special event.


Dec 19 2017 Steve Tremulis 10:34 PM

Was it metallic paint? It’s hard to tell from the lighting.

Howard Kroplick

Not sure. I will check with Rob Ida.

Dec 20 2017 Cynthia Fordon 9:38 AM

Love watching the process… so exciting!!

Dec 24 2017 S. Berliner, III 1:03 AM

Bet that’s no metallic inside the wheel!  Sam, III

Dec 24 2017 Roger Price 5:09 PM

This process is absolutely fascinating.  How great was it to discover the original green on the wheel of the Tucker?  I’ll enjoy following the car’s progress.
Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

Dec 24 2017 Jeff Perkins 10:12 PM

That is great your crew found the original color, I had a similar experience searching for the original color of my 1948 Packard. Metallic paints were getting very popular on high end cars by 1948. The metallics were much more muted back then, we had to try several formulas to come up with a satisfying result. I am certain that the Ida’s will do it right. It will be a pleasure to follow the progress of #1044.  Regards, Jeff P.

Dec 25 2017 PAUL DINATALE 6:10 PM

to Sam III- the same paint would be everywhere as it does not make sense, cost wise as well, to put another paint on the car. if it is metalic then the rim is also.

Dec 26 2017 S. Berliner, III 9:56 AM

Paul diN - exactly; so, if I’m right, the car gets repainted in non-metallic green.  Howard - is it metallic or not, please?  Sam, III

Dec 26 2017 Ken Wiebke 1:23 PM

That you share your adventure with fellow hobbyists is just wonderful.  The updates and the side discussions generated are great.  Hate to be a wet blanket but I suppose I’d hoped for a more “interesting” color. As an historian am sure you’ll be true to whatever factory color it was painted—not sure I would.  Keep up the good work and will try to make the scene Saturday.

Howard Kroplick

Ken, since we are trying to bring Tucker 1044 back to its 1950 form, the original Andante green was an easy decision.

Dec 26 2017 frank femenias 8:29 PM

From my perspective, it does NOT look metallic from photos presented. This requires a much closer look!

Dec 26 2017 Jeff Perkins 9:17 PM

Bravo Howard! Thank you for your studious respect to history. I will enjoy following the progress of #1044 and hope to see it in person someday.

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