Dec 15 2008 Exclusive: New Queens LIMP Signage

Along the right-of-way of the Long Island Motor Parkway, there are several historical plaques that commemorate the road. Unfortunately, many of the plagues provide misinformation and often mistakenly call the road the "Vanderbilt Motor Parkway". Wrong!!!

For several months, historian Bob Miller has tried to correct and expand the Motor Parkway signs in Queens. Bob is pleased to announce the following news:

I am very happy (ecstatic might be more like it) to say the NYC Parks Department has just printed several new, corrected signs to grace the Motor Parkway at these locations (give or take a few feet)--Parkway's western-most startup (where Peck Avenue becomes 199 St.), Francis Lewis Boulevard Parks Dept. Bridge, Hollis Hills Terrace parking lot, somewhere along the east-west right of way between the two Parks, Alley Pond Park Field House and at the main area of Cunningham Park where people can see at a glance what's going on and where. It took me almost 8 months of hammering away, but the Parks Department Librarian finally hit the right print button. They look quite good. Nitpickers might object to a phrase or two, but considering the Readers Digest size (2 x 3 feet or so), it gives a very good encapsulated history of the road. Have not been told when they're to be installed, but believe it will be as soon as possible. I was shown the very first one received, and it does the road proud--Willie K, too.

Congratulations, Bob ! Great Job!!

As most LIMP fans know, for many years Bob has done wonderful work to preserve this historical parkway. His 21-minute video tour of the Motor Parkway can be seen in the video section of the Blog.


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