May 18 2010

Then & Now: Potential Nassau Historical Markers on the Motor Parkway Trail

Nassau County is currently developing a master plan for a continuous multi-use Motor Parkway Trail. Part of the plan calls for the placement of markers "at the location of historical remnants and will serve as a way to educate the public on the history of the corridor as the original Long Island Motor Parkway..". These are my recommendations for 21 historic markers:

Lake Success


Great Neck Lodge -east of Lakeville Road 1910


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -east of Lakeville Road-2008



Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Great Neck Neck South High School Athletic Fields-2008


North Hills


New Hyde Park Road Motor Parkway Bridge-1910


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -New Hyde Park Road bridge abutment-2006


Manhasset Hills


Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge-2008


Williston Park


Willis Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge -1930s


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -east of Willis Avenue- 2006


East Williston


Roslyn Lodge and Roslyn Road Motor Parkway Bridge -1928


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -west of Roslyn Road-2007




Mineola Lodge -1930s


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -south of Jericho Turnpike- 2006


Garden City


Clinton Road Motor Parkway Bridge -1930s


Clinton Road Motor Parkway Bridge abutment -2008



Motor Parkway General Manager's Office -east of Clinton Road- 2008



Garden City Lodge -1935


Garden City Lodge -relocated to Seventh Street- 2005


East Meadow


Meadow Brook Lodge and Merrick Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge -1910


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Merrick Avenue -2008



Stewart Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge -1908


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Salisbury Park Drive -2008



View from Carman Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge- looking west -1908


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Carman Avenue 2008




View from Jerusalem Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge -looking west towards Vanderbilt Cup Race grandstand and press box -1910


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -site of grandstand and press box -2005



Long Island Aviation Country Club -1930s


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -site of LI Aviation Country Club -2006




Massapequa Lodge -1909


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -site of Massapequa Lodge -west of Massapequa-Hicksville Road




Motor Parkway Ground-Breaking Ceremony -June 6,1908


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -east of Stewart Avenue



Deadman's Curve -1908


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Deadman's Curve, Bethpage, 2008



Bethpage Lodge and Round Swamp Road Motor Parkway Bridge -1910


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -east of Round Swamp Road- 2008


Old Bethpage


Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -Battle Row Campground -2008


Clody Farmway Motor Parkway Bridge -2008

Please suggest any other Nassau County Motor Parkway historical locations in the Comments section below.

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Dec 05 2010 charlie muller 4:13 PM

the bridge in bethpage restoration is now being used as a garbage dump for the private farm located there. they are knocking down the rails with their equipment.

Dec 06 2010 Howard Kroplick 8:13 PM

Hi Charlie:

I am forwarding your comment to Bruce Adams and the Ford Model A Club which help clean up the bridge.


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