Dec 07 2013

Vanderbilia Postcard Series #1: The Locomobile Postcards of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Ron M. Jr: "I love the site. Thank you for your hard work on it. I am a Long Island postcard collector and am wondering if you have a complete 'checklist' of the Long Island Vanderbilt Cup postcards that were produced. I have a few and am interested in learning more about the cards. Any help would be appreciated."

Ron, thanks for the feedback! I do not have a complete list of the Vanderbilt Cup Race and Long Island Motor Parkway postcards. However, your request has triggered an idea for a new series- Vanderbilia Postcards.

Below are 12 postcards issued by the Locomobile Company after the #16 Locomobile became the first American car to win the Vanderbilt Cup Race on October 24, 1908.



Howard Kroplick

At the Starting Line

On the Course

On the Long Island Motor Parkway

At the Finish Line

After the Race


Dec 08 2013 R Troy 12:32 AM

Great photos!

Dec 08 2013 Pat Ingrassia 10:12 AM

Cool shots- Hey can we buy reprints of the cards ? Great work on this website !

Dec 09 2013 Lou 1:03 PM

Excellent & enjoyable pictures….

Dec 09 2013 Ted 3:40 PM

I’m back!!  Still no computer,need a new one,trying to keep up with what’s going on here. Didn’t miss too much,luckily. The mystery Fridays have been pretty good.

Dec 09 2013 kevin mcquade 9:41 PM

i live near commack rd and vanderbilt pkwy but for the life of me i can not figure out
how the parkway and commack rd crossed paths without any overpass or underpass, and the locations of the toll houses do not give a clue as to how anyone entered the
parkway without interference from busy (for then) commack rd…....any clues anyone

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