May 09 2018

Vanderbilia: The Long Island Motor Parkway Toll Ticket

A very neat Motor Parkway collectible is the "ticket" that was given to the driver when they passed through a toll lodge.

The ticket had the stamped date, the price of the ticket and the toll lodge in which the automobile entered the Motor Parkway. Here is my collection of six Motor Parkway tickets.


Howard Kroplick

A driver receiving a toll ticket at the Bethpage Lodge.

Nassau Boulevard Lodge, June 14, 1930

Hillside Ave. Lodge, August 21, 1921

Hillside Ave. Lodge, July 1921

Rocky Hill Road Lodge, July 4, 1930

Brentwood Lodge, September 1929

Ronkokoma Lodge, June 8, 1924

Ronkonkoma Lodge, August 27, 1924

The reverse side of this ticket included an ad for the Garden City Garage.


May 10 2018 frank femenias 12:57 AM

Howard, the kiosk at western terminus must’ve been manned, at least in 1930, as they were giving drivers admission tickets from the Nassau Blvd lodge.

Howard Kroplick

You may be right. However, automobiles could easily bypass the Nassau Boulevard entrance by going on the dirt road entrance at 73rd Avenue.

May 10 2018 Brian D McCarthy 6:55 PM

After viewing these tickets, nothing was left to confusion. A tight ship was run here! The 5th condition on the last ticket SEEMS like it’s stating that there was “no charge”...fee? traveling between Huntington and Lake Ronkonkoma? But the Brentwood ticket was .50 ct, as long as you didn’t travel west of Commack Rd.

May 13 2018 Bill Caputo 10:20 AM

Good morning I am a new member is there any chance of buying a ticket or toll plate and what do they cost .thanks for your time

Howard Kroplick

Bill, Motor Parkway toll tickets show up on EBay quite often.

Since there are less than 100 know plates still existing,  Motor Parkway license plates are usually purchased from collectors.

May 13 2018 Al Velocci 10:34 AM

Frank, The western terminus of the Parkway was never manned. Those motorists entering the Parkway at Nassau Blvd. paid the toll at the Rocky Hill Rd. entrance and received a ticket that said Nassau Blvd. Those entering at Rocky Hill Rd. received a ticket with that designation. This is how the Parkway kept track of where automobiles accessed the Parkway. There really wasn’t a need for a toll collector at Nassau Blvd. If you entered the Parkway there you couldn’t get off until Rocky Hill Rd. and you had to pay a toll at that point or…. turn around and go back to Nassau Blvd.

May 13 2018 Al Velocci 10:52 AM

Howard, Regarding automobiles entering the Parkway at 73rd Ave. In 1926 when it was known as Black Stump Rd., it was the designed Parkway entrance as indicated in the flyer the Parkway issued that year. The western parkway extension was completed to that point while the section north of there was still being built.

May 13 2018 Bob Andreocci 7:21 PM

just a couple of questions…..Charges picture were $.50 & $1.00.  Were they different for how far you were going?  Or was it just certain years that determined the charge.  Thanks, Bob Andreocci

Howard Kroplick

Bob, it was one price for getting on and getting off…no matter the distance. The different price reflect the year.

May 14 2018 Al Velocci 10:10 AM

Bob, There were more than one toll rate scenario in effect at a given time. Example, in the 1920’s the one dollar toll was good for a round trip anywhere on the Parkway.  In 1930 the one dollar toll was good for one way to Lake Ronkonkoma or good for a round trip from anywhere from the west to the Huntington Lodge. Another example is the toll rate from the Brentwood Lodge at Commack Rd. The rate was 50 cents for a round trip between those two locations. During the depression years there were several toll rates in effect, mostly bases on the distance traveled. Al

Jul 17 2018 Nicholas Galante 9:01 PM

I have one of the original tickets. It is not dated. It is No. 7114
Would this be worth something to a collector?

Howard Kroplick

Nicholas, the toll tickets usually go for $50 to $100. Please send a jpeg to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I will post it.

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