Aug 21 2012 Contest: Identify This Rare Motor Parkway Photo

Calling all Motor Parkway fans! This is your opportunity to show your expertise in the first contest of 2012.

This photo is a rare, previously unpublished, undated image of the Motor Parkway. The CSI (Cup Scene Investigation) team  has documented this photo with an estimated 95% certainty. The LIMPer who provides the most accurate information concerning the photo (such as location and date) will receive autographed copies of "Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island: and "Long Island Motor Parkway". The winner and the CSI Report will be posted this Sunday. Best of luck!


Howard Kroplick


The Evidence

Drivers needed to turn left for Deer Park, Babylon and Merrick Road and right for Centerport, Northport and Jericho Turnpike. Oddly, there appears to be no road to the right. The road on the left appears to end at the Motor Parkway Another mystery: This sign reads "Stop Look East and West". Drivers needed to turn left to go to the Deer Park Speedway. There was also a racing event on Sunday, September 8. A diamond reflector was on the right side. The copy on the sign has not yet been deciphered by the CSI Team. The road turned left. A fire watch station can be seen on the hill in the background. One more view of the photo. Click on it for a larger view.


Aug 22 2012 paul 12:56 PM

It looks like it is part of Babylon TPK…..

Aug 22 2012 Howard Kroplick 3:36 PM

From Hairup:

“Just wanted to thank you for all you do to try to keep alive the history of the Motor Parkway and for its continued perservance.

Aug 22 2012 Kenneth J. Harris 5:01 PM

I’m thinking Straight Path or maybe Candlewood Path since both of these would be east of Deer Park Avenue and would go down toward the Deer Park track.

Aug 22 2012 Mike 5:27 PM

Appears to be facing west, with the entry of Carll’s Straight Path on the left side.  DeForest Ave. would be a bit further up, on the right, possibly hidden due to the angle of the photo.  Timing of the photo unknown, but guessing around 1918, since Sept 8 did fall on a Sunday.

Aug 22 2012 Tim Ivers 7:50 PM

Carll’s Straight Path, just before DeForest Avenue, September 8, 1918

Aug 23 2012 Mike 8:30 AM

In my above post I guessed a year of 1918…  but the speedway didn’t open until 1928.  The date Sept 8 falls on a Sunday in the year 1935…

Aug 25 2012 Joseph (Motorpky) Debono 6:15 AM

Howard, Its near Deer Park Rd, “1931” Near the last Motor Parkway bridge in Dix Hills I know Why they had that side road for a lodge entrance with no lodge.  Keep up the good work Howard.  Joseph(Motorpky)DeBono

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