Nov 30 2019 Exclusive: Vince Gardner Building the Mustang III Concept Show Car

Last September, I obtained 63 original negatives of the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car being built in the summer of 1964 at Dearborn Steel Tubing, Ford's prototype maker.This post features the Mustang III's designer Vincent Gardner building his two-seat concept car.


Howard Kroplick

The photos were accompanied by an original draft of an article on the Mustang III by Alex Walordy which was published in Custom Craft magazine in April 1965.

Caption: The mold for the right side is completed, and when the fence is removed, the edge of the mold will in turn set as a fence for the center section.

Caption: A mold must be built in sections, so that it can easily be removed. Here cardboard and clay fences are built up as the stop for the side molds.

Caption: The rear window area is incised in the clay, and a sweep used to carry through the quarter panel's concave section.


Dec 01 2019 frank femenias 12:09 AM

Checking out these never seen before photos of Mustang III prototype being built in the process. This car was built as a one of one. I think Vince knew it clearly at the time. That’s why he stole it to preserve it. Great stuff Howard!

Dec 01 2019 mark schaier 11:28 AM

Is Vince Gardner alive or has he pass on?

Howard Kroplick

Vince Gardner is no longer with us.

Dec 04 2019 Ernie Finamore 3:15 PM

But we can thank Howard for preserving Vince’s creation for us. Thank you, Howard! You know it’s one of my personal favorites in your collection…

Jan 05 2020 Jonathan B. Richards II 12:05 AM

Mr. Kroplick , Is this designer the same Vince Gardner who in 1935 worked with Gordon Buehrig , Richard Robinson , Dale Cosper and others in the Auburn Art and Body Department creating the fabled CORD Model 810 ?? Thank you, Jonathan B. Richards II

Howard Kroplick

Jonathan, it is the same Vince Garner.

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