Mar 08 2014

Video of the Week: Ferrari F1 Pit Stop Perfection

Rog Patterson has forwarded this Video of the Week of a Ferrari F1 Pit Stop in Melbourne, Australia.


Rog: " Watching tire changes has long been a special part of watching F1 races for me and the TV crew covers them pretty well. But, this overhead view really show the choreography of the 18 guys changing four tires in not much longer than an instant. Thanks and wow! Slipped over the edge to about 32 or 33 seconds, but it wasn't 'til about 20 seconds had gone by, trying to spot the cuts making it appear to be happening so fast.  I tried the suggestion of watching just one individual. Once I concentrated on that fellow pulling the front right tire, I realized it was a single, continuous take without editing...beautiful. And wow again!"

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Howard Kroplick


Mar 08 2014 frank femenias 5:20 PM

Simply awesome!  I will share this to sleepy eyed friends. Thanks Rog

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