Feb 28 2018

Video of the Week: Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation: Historic Automobiles at the Henry Ford Museum

In this four-minute film, Matt Anderson, Curator of Transportation of the Henry Ford, gives a tour of the historic automobiles of the Henry Ford Museum. Can you guess which automobile is Matt's favorite among the 260 in the collection?


Howard Kroplick

The 1962 Mustang I Prototype and one of three known pre-production pilot Mustangs in the background. The 12th S-coded Mustang (5S08F100012) was shipped to Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant in early 1964  and assigned the VIN 5F08F10001.

1903 Oldsmobile

1924 Essex

Old 16 Locomobile- Seen but without a shout-out.


Mar 04 2018 Jim Ryan 7:53 AM

If you are ever in Michigan, plan to visit the Henry Ford Museum, it is not to be missed. The museum has something for everyone.

Mar 04 2018 Roy Warner 8:59 AM

The collection has one of my dream cars. The 1955 Chevy gray/pink two-tone. I was seven years old in 1955, and my third grade teacher got one in 1956. Of course, cars in the 50s were death traps; wrap around windshields, hard steering wheels, no seatbelts, no padded dashes, and high-compression engines. But one can’t have everything. At least they had style and flair.

Mar 04 2018 S. Berliner, III 3:02 PM

Chrysler aficionadoes of the world - UNITE!  Contrary to Roy’s comment, my (and my father’s) three ‘49 and two ‘50 Chrysler 8s all had padded dashboards!  “Style and flair” - you betcha; long and lean!  The only thing compact about ‘em held my mother’s face powder.  Sam, III

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