Apr 29 2017

Memorable Autos at the 2017 New York International Auto Show Updated- 4/30/17

It was an honor to have the Alco Black Beast to be selected to be part of the Saratoga Auto Museum's exhibit at the recent 2017 New York International Auto Show. Several autos from the exhibit and some of my favorites new autos at the car show are highlighted below.

Update April 30, 2017: Hugh Nutting has forwarded a photo and information on the Goldschmidt Allard.


Howard Kroplick

Saratoga Auto Museum Exhibit

Alco Black Beast

1950 Allard J2

Hugh Nutting: There is a lot of history behind the Goldschmidt Allard. Frank Burrell, the Cadillac engineer who first developed dual carb intakes for Military Tanks with flathead Cadillac engines is the driver here. He was a friend of Briggs Cunningham and met Sidney Allard at Lemans. Frank and Cal Connell, the passenger started Detroit Racing Equipment Co. which made dual carb intakes for 331 Cadillac engines. He crewed for Goldschmidt to fine tune this Allard. Cal built a lot of 331 marine versions for Chris Craft and others.

Midget Racer

1947 Playboy Prototype


1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II

Memorable New Autos

2017 Ford GT

Bugatti Chiron


Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior

Nissan Rogue One

Toyota Highlander Hybrid "Mets Special"

Cadillac DPi-V.R Racer


May 02 2017 James Spina 9:39 AM

Seeing The beast at the show was certainly a personal highlight for me and my son Gram!

May 02 2017 Rich 9:15 PM

...missed you, Howard.  But we were there.

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