May 13 2014

WCBS Newsradio 880:“Mustangs Return to World’s Fair to Celebrate 50 Years”

On April 17, 2014, Ford executives and 94 Mustangs, including my 1966 Shelby Mustang GT-350H, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Mustang at the site of the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing.

Bill Tynan, Creative Services Director of WCBS Newsradio 880, has forwarded this email and one-minute audio newsclip on the event including an interview with me by reporter Alex Silverman.

"Hello Howard, I work at WCBS and have enjoyed your website for years. I heard you on WCBS at the Mustang/Worlds’ Fair event and have been meaning to reach out to you.  You sounded great.  I also saw the piece on the Vanderbilt Cup on Velocity (the default channel in my home).  It really put a solid foot forward for people around the country to see about Long Island and our rich history.

Keep up the good work on the website.  It’s a wonderful resource for motoring enthusiasts of all kinds.You’ve built it on something that happened more than 100 years ago and made it a destination to keep returning to.  That’s not easy to do."

Best to you Howard,



Howard Kroplick


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