Nov 11 2009

“Black Beast” a Hit on Broadway

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday when the "Black Beast" made its Broadway debut.


Howard Kroplick presented "The Incredible Vanderbilt Cup Races" to over 60 enthusiastic members of the Chowder Society at Sardi's.


The "Black Beast" was parked in front of Sardi's and drew a big crowd in the heart of the Theater District.


Howard Kroplick and mechanician Guy Frost started up the "Black Beast" and made it roar.


Helene Abramowitz was ready to take the "Black Beast" for a spin.


Actor Jimmy Gary Jr. practiced for his upcoming film role as boxer Jack Johnson.


Even Elvis left the building to see the "Black Beast"!

November 12, 2009 Update: Additional photos submitted by Genia Wennerstrom and Mike Covello:


The" Black Beast" and Howard Kroplick in front of Sardi's.


A view from the Chowder Society meeting room.


Chowder Society Co-Director Bruce Wennerstrom greets Howard and Roz Kroplick.


January 4, 2010 Update: Michael Lindgren has submitted these great photos from the November 11, 2009 Chowder event:


Howard and Roz Kroplick and the "Black Beast" in front of Sardi's


Howard Kroplick and his mechanician Bruce Wennerstrom


Guy Frost and Howard Kroplick impress the crowd on 43rd Street


Nov 12 2009 Bruce and Genia 3:35 PM

We want to thank you, on behalf of all of our members, for the incredible presentation that you gave yesterday.

Howard, your enthusiasm, and your “you are here” - on Jericho Turnpike or Glen Cove Road - descriptions of the racing action, interspersed with a perfect selection of contemporary film clips, made for an extraordinary experience for everyone attending. You made the whole era alive and vibrant.

Thank you, too, for all your effort in bringing your Beast into Manhattan. We can appreciate what it took to do that.

Warmest regards,

Bruce and Genia

Nov 15 2009 jan Hyde 5:18 PM

Talk about diligence and passion, I loved it, one of the best.  Hope to visit next summer when the Black Beast is in action.

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