AACA-Finley Robertson Porter Region

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The F.R. Porter Region was organized in September of 1969. Sixteen people met, and a petition was sent to the AACA for a charter.

The name is in honor of Finley Robertson Porter, a local person who was prominent in early automotive history. He designed the famous T-head Mercer automobile of 1910, as Mercer's chief engineer. In 1914, he moved to Port Jefferson, New York, where he began the manufacture of his own new automobile, the F.R.P.

The club was chartered by AACA in February 1970. Since then, we have been active and have grown to over 100 members today. 

The club has a monthly newsletter, the Chassis Chaser, with all the information for club events and other articles of interest.

Our events consist mainly of tours and visits to places of interest each month, plus a monthly regular meeting.

We have established policies of family-oriented activities, and do not have judging at any of our events. Each regular meeting has entertainment of some sort, ranging from auctions to slide shows, tapes or films, and an occasional guest speaker.

Most of our current membership is from the central Suffolk County area of Long Island. 



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