Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island

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Invitations to club-planned events.

One Year JCNA Membership and Jaguar Journal Color Magazine subscription.
Dealer intro of New Jaguar models, access to Certified pre-owned models and maintenance specials.
Club Shirts — Spring 2007 availability.
Tech Sessions – conducted by local repair and restoration shops and referred by club members.  (Do you have a favorite business that wants a captive audience and many potential customers?)
Communications - "JAG MAG": From now on the "Jag Mag" will primarily be online. When you fill out your membership form, PLEASE, PLEASE give us an email address.

We will send periodic emails announcing updates on the website for the latest "Jag Mag" and information about upcoming events.
Forms for the car show, activity and trip registrations will be available for downloading.  We hope to allow you to register for many of the events on line, which is faster and saves postage.

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