Long Island Mini Enthusiasts of New York

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The Long Island Mini Enthusiasts of New York, LIMENY, was founded in August 2003 after a few L.I. Classic Mini owners arranged to meet at the Bald Hill Cultural Center weekly Car Show in Farmingville, Long Island. We so enjoyed the meetings and exchange of information that we asked other Classic Mini owners to join us. The Internet and New York area "classic car grapevine" allowed us to expand quickly and, over the next 3 months, we were able to locate and sign on over 25 Classic Mini owners.

Our intent in organizing LIMENY was to create a forum for sharing information. We hope to share our sources for parts, technical information on modifying Minis, and tips & tricks that will keep our Minis running. We plan on organizing and/or attending Mini and British car shows and events.

LIMENY has adopted the motto: "Driving, Enjoying, Maintaining, and Modifying Classic Minis". According to our LIMENY definition, a "Classic Mini" is one of 130 Mini models derived from the original Alec Issigonis design and manufactured from 1959 to 2000.

Classic Mini owners share a unique camaraderie. Once the Mini was banned in the United States in 1968, few qualified service shops were available to service the Classic Minis and keep them running. Until recently, this deprived us of the joy of owning and driving a Classic Mini. Now U.S. regulations allow us to import Minis that are twenty-five years or older as "classic" cars, and the Internet is our resource for parts and service resources. We now enjoy Classic Minis imported from all corners of the world.

Amazing, isn’t it? The Mini won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. It was the star of the original movie, "The Italian Job." It was voted the "Car of the Century" in the year 2000 and it has retained its innovative design for 41 years. The designer of the Mini, Sir Alec Issigonis, was knighted for the innovative design, and over the years Minis have been owned and revered by European celebrities and Royalty. Over 130 models and 5 million cars have been produced and enjoyed in almost every civilized country in the world but the Mini was "Banned in the USA."

LIMENY welcomes all Classic Mini enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Our primary means of communication with LIMENY members and other Mini owners is through email and via our web site, www.LIMENY.org. Many of us travel nationally and internationally to Classic Mini gatherings and have Mini "friends" worldwide. To join LIMENY, you need not own a Classic Mini, just be enthused by them.

Many LIMENY members own a new BMW MINI or plan on owning one in the future. New MINI owners are welcome to join LIMENY, but it should be understood that the focus of LIMENY is the preservation and enjoyment of the Classic Mini only. Should new MINI owners wish to organize, we would be happy to help them establish a separate chapter of LIMENY.


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