New York Alfa Romeo Owners Club

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Welcome to the New York Alfa Romeo Owners Club. We are a group of enthusiastic owners of beautiful Italian sports cars who enjoy driving and meeting fellow owners or enthusiasts. Throughout the year we enjoy exciting track events, road trips, weekly breakfast meetings, a yearly national convention and various other year-round social activities all available on our full Calendar of Events.  If you are an Alfa Owner, potential owner or just interested in the marque please contact us or join us at our informal weekly breakfast meeting.  We’d love to publish photos of your car(s), tech articles, recipes, classifieds and how you discovered Alfa Romeo. So, feel free to contribute via the contact page.

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club is a national organization supported by 46 local chapters based in 29 states. We have members in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and countries around the world. With our presence in so many places, you will have the opportunity to meet with people who also appreciate the many facets of Alfa ownership. These chapters hold regular meetings, publish newsletters, and sponsor technical, competitive, and social activities. AROC holds an annual convention hosted by a different local chapter each year. Convention activities may include such events as tours, rallies, an autocross, time trials, technical sessions on a variety of topics, and Concours d'Elegance.

With your membership you will receive our monthly publication, Alfa Owner. If you enjoy working on your Alfa, you may find help by calling our technical advisors or obtaining a copy of a manual available through our Technical Library.

Affiliation with our local chapter requires additional dues of only $3 per year.




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