Car Clubs: Trucks

  • Creative Style Auto Club

    Creative Style is a custom auto club based out of Long Island, NY, founded in 1996. Creative Style is continuously growing and remains strong in the min truck and custom car scene.

  • East End Hot Rods Car &Truck Club

    As a NYS registered Car Club that is a non-profit organization, we are looking for future candidates to join our club. All makes, models and years are welcome. Imports. Hot Rods, Trucks, all vehicles are accepted. There is no membership fee, we are just looking to have a good time, and appreciate the cars we cruise around in.

  • Exceeding Limits Truck Club

    Hello fellow members of ELTC, and also supporters of our club, and followers of our club.

  • Long Island Antique Power Association

    Soon this island will be over taken by residential growth and the rich farming heritage will be thing of the past. All of the memories of what happened on this island untold to future generations. With the help of club members, the community and those who are just interested in preserving the past, we can make it happen.

  • Long Island Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society

    The American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) is an organization dedicated to the history and preservation of trucks and the trucking industry.